Ceremonies Mallorca – Spain

There are diffent type of wedding ceremonies on our beatiful island Mallorca; and the selection of type of wedding ceremony and place is a matter of the heart – and we will help you to find the right one here in Mallorca!
Whether at a beautiful sandy beach, a romantic little church or a clifftop venue overlooking the turquoise blue sea – the selection of romantic  and unique locations for wedding ceremonies in Mallora is endless… We also make special wishes possible: You want to marry on a boat or maybe under water?

Symbolic marriage ceremony in Mallorca

A blessing ceremony also called commitment ceremony or symbolic humanist ceremony is the promise of love between two people. It is the exact same as a regular wedding ceremony, including the exchange of vows and exchange of rings. The only difference is that it is not legally binding.
Weather in a very intimate circle or in a with all your friends and family in Mallorca; it will bring them closer together to celebrate and witness the beautiful union between the newlyweds. We will create an unforgettable moment for eternity for you…

The free ceremony can be held in almost every location of your choice in Mallorca – on an olive grove, at a Finca or on a cliff above the sea…

Free ceremonies have no civil validity, but are mutual promises of the bride and groom, to stand for a lifetime for each other. During the emotional ceremony, you have the opportunity to personal marriage vows to each other. The free ceremony can also be held in several languages.

Civil legal marriage ceremony in Mallorca

A civil legal marriage of foreign couples in Mallorca is only possible if at least one partner has been registered for at least two years in Mallorca.

A civil ceremony in Mallorca is normally perforemd indoors. In Palma, civil ceremonies are held at the City Council whis is a Baroque palace or in the 14th-century Bellver Castle which overlooks the Bay of Palma.

If you do not meet this criterion, we recommend that you carry out the legal part in your home country and then we can organize a symbolic blessing ceremony in Mallorca for you or a religios ceremony in the curch in Mallorca.

Same-sex marriage – civil union Mallorca

Under Spanish law, same-sex couples can be legally married. The above mentioned conditions also apply here.

Church wedding

On our beatiful island Mallroca both Catholic and Protestant church weddings are possible and can be held in several languages. Mallorca has charming and romantic churches in every corner to choose from. In the north of Mallorca their is a famous  open-air church for couples who would like to tie the knot outside…

If you are Catholic you can get legally married in Mallorca. Unlike Catholic weddings, Protestant weddings can also be held outside a church.

Vow Renewal wedding ceremony

You would like to take the occasion of the anniversary of your wedding ceremony or another important event as an opportunity to renew your vows and pay homage to your love? Again, we create a beautiful and dignified emotional setting with a free ceremony – on Mallorca, Ibiza or Formentera. The extraordinary nature and personal character of the festive act will ensure that your marriage anniversary is in no way inferior to your marriage. Celebrate the beautiful memories!